Birding 28/01/12

A quick walk round Hayle RSBP site revealed nothing of great interest on Ryans Field ( at least that my small lens could pick up), just caught this distant shot of a Bullfinch on a nearby budlia, thats another first for me 😉

Picture of bullfinch at Hayle, January 2012


Crossing the road revealed some shelducks, and a couple of black tailed Godwits, at least I think they're Godwits based on the long straight beak.

Black tailed Godwit Hayle Estuary Jan 2012

Picture of Shelduck Hayle Estuary Jan 2012


Later on in the day, went down to Longrock beach, near Penzance. It was low tide, and other than gulls not a lot around, then in the distance we saw a pair of Goosanders heading out to sea. Ive seen just one Goosander before, and that was at Hayle Estuary last year.

Goosander off Longrock, near Penzance. Jan 2012

Last Sunday we had a walk out to Levant Tin mine on the north west coast. The national trust have a car park, and it's a nice ( if blustery in January) walk along the coast. Other than a few gulls and some gannets in the distance there wasn't must out in the way of birds. On the way back to the car a Kestrel took great delight in taunting us to come closer for a picture, then swooping down the coast. Nevertheless we managed some great photos :-

Kestrel Levant North Cornwall Jan 12

Kestrel in flight Levant North Cornwall Jan 12



Birding 21/01/12

Another week of dodgy weather, but still managed another couple of firsts !.  The first was a Water Pipit down on Marazion Beach, near where the river comes out. Earlier on in the week I'd seen a meadow pipit on the same spot, but the light coloured breast on the water pipit really distinguishes it.

Picture of Water Pipit on Marazion beach Cornwall Jan 2012


The second one taken on later in the week, was just down the coast towards Penzance, off Long Rock.  When I got there, in the distance I could just make out quite a large number of Ringed plovers and Sanderlings mixed in with the gulls.  As I got nearer they of course did a runner..  However I managed to get close enough to get this picture of one of the Sanderlings.

Picture of Sanderling on the beach near Penzance, Jan 2012


Birding 15/1/12

Not great Birdwatching weather down in West Cornwall this weekend, but I've managed to spot a couple of new species.  The first was an Egyptian Goose, which had been reported on the Helston Boating Lake.

Egyptian Goose on Helston boating lake Jan 2012

The second, was a Little Gull, seen at Longrock, near Marazion in Cornwall on a very blustery sunday.  What brought my attention to it in the first place was it was noticeably smaller than all the other gulls, and being a beginner distinguishing between gulls is really hard ( well at least think it is).  Upon zooming into the photos back home, the first thing that set it apart from the black headed gulls was the fact that it head a black beak.

Little Gull at Longrock, near Marazion Jan 2012

Little gull and black headed gull

Little Gull ( bottom) black headed gull top – winter