Little Gull at Longrock, near Marazion Jan 2012

Birding 15/1/12

Not great Birdwatching weather down in West Cornwall this weekend, but I've managed to spot a couple of new species.  The first was an Egyptian Goose, which had been reported on the Helston Boating Lake.

Egyptian Goose on Helston boating lake Jan 2012

The second, was a Little Gull, seen at Longrock, near Marazion in Cornwall on a very blustery sunday.  What brought my attention to it in the first place was it was noticeably smaller than all the other gulls, and being a beginner distinguishing between gulls is really hard ( well at least think it is).  Upon zooming into the photos back home, the first thing that set it apart from the black headed gulls was the fact that it head a black beak.

Little Gull at Longrock, near Marazion Jan 2012

Little gull and black headed gull

Little Gull ( bottom) black headed gull top – winter