Fulmar flying at Hells Mouth, near Hayle Feb 2012

Birding 12/02/12

Thought today was going to be dissapointing, after a walk round Drift resorvoir, Sennen and Long Rock was uneventful. However I stopped off at Jubilee Pool on the way back, to a veritable army of twitchers. Upon enquiring I was told there was a Black Redstart around, unfortunately my miniscule lens wasn't near enough to produce a decent picture, neverthless I got a good view of the bird – another personal first.

On Saturday I thought I'd better get myself down to Newlyn Harbour, where there have been regular reports and pictures of a Glaucous Gull, and Iceland Gull.  I managed to get some decent pictures of the Glaucous Gull – note the white wingtips – that is apparently one of the keys to the ID.

Glaucous Gull, Newlyn Harbour Feb 2012

Earlier on in the week I stopped by Gwithian, and got a view of the resident Ring Necked Duck, and also just up the road at Hells mouth saw a colony of Fulmars – yet another first for me.

Ring Necked Duck, St Gothian Sands, Gwithian Hayle Feb 2012

Fulmar flying at Hells Mouth, near Hayle Feb 2012

Back down in Mousehole, I went for a walk Sunday PM along the front, it was low tide which isn't usually the best time ( I find 1/2 tide the best), however I spotted something in the distance, and clambered across the rocks to get closer.  As I got nearer it was the Grey Plover, which I'd seen the week before from a distance.  This time I was determined to get closer, however everytime I got nearer, the bug&*r skipped to the next rock, so this is the best picture I could manage.

Grey Plover, Mousehole Feb 2012

So all in all, another good week. 3 new birds for me, here's looking forward to the next week !