Bar Tailed Godwits, Carnser Pool, Hayle, Cornwall feb 2012

Birding 18/02/12

Not had much time this week for Birding, but yet again 2 new species in a week for me ! – A Dipper, and Greenshank.

The Dipper was seen during a brief visit to Cotehele, near the Cornwall / Devon border at Plymouth. Cotehele is a great national trust property, with walks through a wooded valley leading to a mill.  I saw the dipper on the stream between the mill and and the entrance to the wood.  More information on the dipper can be found on the RSPB site here

Dipper in wood at Cotehele, Cornwall Feb 2012

Then  I paid a 30 minute to Hayle, walking round to Carnsew pool.  From a distance it looked quiet, but as I rounded the corner, I couldn't believe the numbers of birds near the waters edge, and all in photographing distance.   There were  6+ Grey Plovers, and at least 10 bar tailed godwits. There are both bar tailed and black tailed godwits at Hayle, out of flight, the easiest way to distinguish is that on the bar tailed there is a slight upcuve on the beak.

Grey Plovers at Carnsew Pool, Hayle, Cornwall Feb 2012

Bar tailed godwits, Carnsew Pool, Hayle, Cornwall Feb 2012

Shortly after I got some more shots, including this great in flight shot ( click on the picture to see it full size)  the birds got spooked by something, which turned out to be a Buzzard overhead.

Bar Tailed Godwits, Carnser Pool, Hayle, Cornwall feb 2012

Common Buzzard

Once things settled down, and walking back to the car, there was even more to see on the relatively small pool.  3 drake Goosander were having a rest in the wind :-

Drake Goosander, Carnsew Pool, Hayle Cornwall feb 2012

The final bonus, was another wader, which I've never seen before, a Greenshank :-

Greenshank, Carnsew Pool, Hayle, Cornwall feb 2012


So all in all, this short outing turned out to be a great day, showing what a treasure Hayle is for birding,  with some reasonable pictures for a change 😉