I stopped by the normally peaceful Marazion marsh RSPB site this weekend, seeing what was on the water when a couple of moorhens decided the time for talking was over !,   It was late in the afternoon, and not brilliant light,. but I still think some of the pictures look quite surreal, especially the claws, it's like something out of Aliens. Click on the pictures to zoom in.

Moorhens at Marazion Cornwall

Moorhens fighting, Marazion Cornwall

Pictures of Moorhens fighting, Marazion Cornwall

Pictures of moorhen fighting, Marazion Cornwall

Pictures of moorhens fighting



Birding 11/3/12

Highlight of the week has to be getting a new Sigma 150-500mm lens late on, but not really had the chance to get out and take many pictures yet.

Early on in the week I stopped briefly by Newlyn, and caught the Iceland Gull off the rocks behind the fishermans mission. This was with the old lens, so need to re-visit and get a sharper picture.

Iceland Gull on rocks at Newlyn

Mid week, stopped by Hells mouth, and got some interesting pictures of the Cormorants gathering nesting material.

Cormorant with nesting material

On the weekend stopped by Marazion, and saw the Shoveler duck, and a new one for me Greylag geese.

Pair of Greylag geese, Marazion 2012

Shoveler duck, Marazion March 2012

Finally on the Sunday we had a loooong walk completely round Loe Pool, which is really a long way. Unfortunately we didn't really get close enough to get any decent pictures, but did see Eider, Goosander, Great crested Grebe, Little Grebe, and another first a Goldeneye, albeit from a long way away.

Golden eye duck, Loe Pool cornwall, March 2012

On the way back from Loe Pool., stopped off at Marazion to see if I could capture the Water Pipit, and from a distance there he was.

Water Pipit, Marazion Cornwall March 2012

So on reflection not a bad week for birding, 3 new species for me. I can't wait for this grey weather to lift so I can get some decent captures. Here's looking forward to the next weekend 😉