Birding 9/4/12

Been a relatively quiet Easter  week for Birding down in SW Cornwall, there have been various reports of Ringed Ouzel around, but I've yet to see one. I did head up towards St Ives on Sunday, but as the fog got thicker I just turned around. So here's a round up of what we've seen for the last couple of weeks.. still managing to get in new sightings 😉

Down at Hayle I captured a solitary Knot for the first time, down on Ryans field.

Picture of Knot on Ryans Field, Hayle Cornwall

Marazion provided lots activity over the last couple of week.  I caught my first closeup glimse of a Wheatear, saw another on up at Portgwarra on Sunday.

Wheatear down at Marazion, Cornwall April 2012

Also at Marazion a week earlier, there was a little ringed plover ( apparently ID'd by the eye ring amonst other things and small build).

Picture or little ringed plover at Marazion, Cornwal March 2012

Over the last couple of weeks there have been lots of Sand Martins down at Marazion, feasting on the midges. I've yet to get a really sharp picture of one yet .. so watch this space for when I do. Also, I'm convinced I saw a little heron down at Marazion, which apparently would have been the first recorded sighting, it flew off before I could get the camera sorted out.  There had been reports down at Polgigga, and since then up at St Ives.

We had walk up to Gwithian, late March, and managed to get this close up shot of a Skylark just as it landed, on the reserve at St Gothian Sands.

Skylark at St Gorhian Sands, Cornwall, March 2012

Spent a windswept day down at Porthwarra, didn't manage to see anything unusual, but had a challenging 30 minutes on a windy cliff ledge photgraphing Gannets.

Picture of Gannets at Porthgwarra Cornwall March 2012

Had a couple of brief trips up to Stithians reservoir, a from a distance saw a pair of great crested grebes, and near the bird feeders a reed bunting.

Picture of Great crested Grebe at Stithians Reservoir, Cornwall March 2012

Picture of Reed bunting at Stithians Reservoir, Cornwall March 2012