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Dolphins a Plenty

March and April 2014 have provided some excellent Dolphin picture opportunities, from close into the shore in and around Mousehole.

Back in March we had a resident bottlenose Dolphin who spent a week in Newlyn Harbour.   One of our local experts told me that he was called Nick ( identified based on fin patterns), and had recently been seen in South Wales.

Nick the dolphin from newlyn
Picture of Dolphin at newlyn

Then on the 13th of April, whilst walking along the seafront at mousehole, I noticed a lot of activity in the water near to the lifeboat station.  Getting closer I could see a pod of around 30 common Dolphins, who spent around 4 hours feeding.

common dolphin at Mousehole

common dolphins at Mousehole Cornwall

Pod of common dolphins at Mousehole

Penzance Bowling Green

During the storms over the last few weeks in February 2014, the seafront at Penzance and Newlyn  has been absolutely ravaged, with boulders tossed into the road.  However, there is a bowling green on Penzance seafront which appears to have completely bypassed the damage. Even if the member have been along to remove stones, surely the grass, or buildings would have been damaged ?  Everyone who was walking past that I heard, passed a comment. Judge for yourself, these pictures were taken on the same day of sites on the same seafront.

Penzance Bowling Green

Penzance Bench


Otter at Mousehole

On a stormy day at Mousehole on 20th December 2013 I was on the rocky beach seeing if there were any birds to be photographed, when to my surprise and privilege  I saw an Otter in the distance with a large fish. It was around 3.30 and the light wasn’t brilliant,  to my amazement the Otter came nearer, i stayed glued to the spot rather than scare it off completely. Eventually it came onto the rocks nearby, and then disappeared into the rocks to eat it’s catch. The pictures below show the story .

Picture of Otter at Mousehole

 otter 1 800x600

Otter at Mousehole

Picture of otter

 Otter at Mousehole

Holiday Cottages

Mousehole Lights 2012

It's the 49th year of the Mousehole Lights,  everyone should come down at least once, it really gets you the mood for Christmas.

The switch on is scheduled to happen on Saturday 15th December at 7.30pm, with an open air "carolaire" concert.  The lights will then be on between 5pm and 11pm until Friday 4th January.

Here are some of the pictures from the 2011 switch on, click on the picture for a larger image.  Click HERE for a google map of how to find us.

First Picture of mousehole lights switch on 2011

View of mousehole lights down a typical narrow mousehole street

Picture of mousehole harbour lights 2011

Picture of mousehole harbour lights and town 2011



Birding 9/4/12

Been a relatively quiet Easter  week for Birding down in SW Cornwall, there have been various reports of Ringed Ouzel around, but I've yet to see one. I did head up towards St Ives on Sunday, but as the fog got thicker I just turned around. So here's a round up of what we've seen for the last couple of weeks.. still managing to get in new sightings 😉

Down at Hayle I captured a solitary Knot for the first time, down on Ryans field.

Picture of Knot on Ryans Field, Hayle Cornwall

Marazion provided lots activity over the last couple of week.  I caught my first closeup glimse of a Wheatear, saw another on up at Portgwarra on Sunday.

Wheatear down at Marazion, Cornwall April 2012

Also at Marazion a week earlier, there was a little ringed plover ( apparently ID'd by the eye ring amonst other things and small build).

Picture or little ringed plover at Marazion, Cornwal March 2012

Over the last couple of weeks there have been lots of Sand Martins down at Marazion, feasting on the midges. I've yet to get a really sharp picture of one yet .. so watch this space for when I do. Also, I'm convinced I saw a little heron down at Marazion, which apparently would have been the first recorded sighting, it flew off before I could get the camera sorted out.  There had been reports down at Polgigga, and since then up at St Ives.

We had walk up to Gwithian, late March, and managed to get this close up shot of a Skylark just as it landed, on the reserve at St Gothian Sands.

Skylark at St Gorhian Sands, Cornwall, March 2012

Spent a windswept day down at Porthwarra, didn't manage to see anything unusual, but had a challenging 30 minutes on a windy cliff ledge photgraphing Gannets.

Picture of Gannets at Porthgwarra Cornwall March 2012

Had a couple of brief trips up to Stithians reservoir, a from a distance saw a pair of great crested grebes, and near the bird feeders a reed bunting.

Picture of Great crested Grebe at Stithians Reservoir, Cornwall March 2012

Picture of Reed bunting at Stithians Reservoir, Cornwall March 2012









I stopped by the normally peaceful Marazion marsh RSPB site this weekend, seeing what was on the water when a couple of moorhens decided the time for talking was over !,   It was late in the afternoon, and not brilliant light,. but I still think some of the pictures look quite surreal, especially the claws, it's like something out of Aliens. Click on the pictures to zoom in.

Moorhens at Marazion Cornwall

Moorhens fighting, Marazion Cornwall

Pictures of Moorhens fighting, Marazion Cornwall

Pictures of moorhen fighting, Marazion Cornwall

Pictures of moorhens fighting



Birding 11/3/12

Highlight of the week has to be getting a new Sigma 150-500mm lens late on, but not really had the chance to get out and take many pictures yet.

Early on in the week I stopped briefly by Newlyn, and caught the Iceland Gull off the rocks behind the fishermans mission. This was with the old lens, so need to re-visit and get a sharper picture.

Iceland Gull on rocks at Newlyn

Mid week, stopped by Hells mouth, and got some interesting pictures of the Cormorants gathering nesting material.

Cormorant with nesting material

On the weekend stopped by Marazion, and saw the Shoveler duck, and a new one for me Greylag geese.

Pair of Greylag geese, Marazion 2012

Shoveler duck, Marazion March 2012

Finally on the Sunday we had a loooong walk completely round Loe Pool, which is really a long way. Unfortunately we didn't really get close enough to get any decent pictures, but did see Eider, Goosander, Great crested Grebe, Little Grebe, and another first a Goldeneye, albeit from a long way away.

Golden eye duck, Loe Pool cornwall, March 2012

On the way back from Loe Pool., stopped off at Marazion to see if I could capture the Water Pipit, and from a distance there he was.

Water Pipit, Marazion Cornwall March 2012

So on reflection not a bad week for birding, 3 new species for me. I can't wait for this grey weather to lift so I can get some decent captures. Here's looking forward to the next weekend 😉


Birding 18/02/12

Not had much time this week for Birding, but yet again 2 new species in a week for me ! – A Dipper, and Greenshank.

The Dipper was seen during a brief visit to Cotehele, near the Cornwall / Devon border at Plymouth. Cotehele is a great national trust property, with walks through a wooded valley leading to a mill.  I saw the dipper on the stream between the mill and and the entrance to the wood.  More information on the dipper can be found on the RSPB site here

Dipper in wood at Cotehele, Cornwall Feb 2012

Then  I paid a 30 minute to Hayle, walking round to Carnsew pool.  From a distance it looked quiet, but as I rounded the corner, I couldn't believe the numbers of birds near the waters edge, and all in photographing distance.   There were  6+ Grey Plovers, and at least 10 bar tailed godwits. There are both bar tailed and black tailed godwits at Hayle, out of flight, the easiest way to distinguish is that on the bar tailed there is a slight upcuve on the beak.

Grey Plovers at Carnsew Pool, Hayle, Cornwall Feb 2012

Bar tailed godwits, Carnsew Pool, Hayle, Cornwall Feb 2012

Shortly after I got some more shots, including this great in flight shot ( click on the picture to see it full size)  the birds got spooked by something, which turned out to be a Buzzard overhead.

Bar Tailed Godwits, Carnser Pool, Hayle, Cornwall feb 2012

Common Buzzard

Once things settled down, and walking back to the car, there was even more to see on the relatively small pool.  3 drake Goosander were having a rest in the wind :-

Drake Goosander, Carnsew Pool, Hayle Cornwall feb 2012

The final bonus, was another wader, which I've never seen before, a Greenshank :-

Greenshank, Carnsew Pool, Hayle, Cornwall feb 2012


So all in all, this short outing turned out to be a great day, showing what a treasure Hayle is for birding,  with some reasonable pictures for a change 😉