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Dolphins a Plenty

March and April 2014 have provided some excellent Dolphin picture opportunities, from close into the shore in and around Mousehole.

Back in March we had a resident bottlenose Dolphin who spent a week in Newlyn Harbour.   One of our local experts told me that he was called Nick ( identified based on fin patterns), and had recently been seen in South Wales.

Nick the dolphin from newlyn
Picture of Dolphin at newlyn

Then on the 13th of April, whilst walking along the seafront at mousehole, I noticed a lot of activity in the water near to the lifeboat station.  Getting closer I could see a pod of around 30 common Dolphins, who spent around 4 hours feeding.

common dolphin at Mousehole

common dolphins at Mousehole Cornwall

Pod of common dolphins at Mousehole

Otter at Mousehole

On a stormy day at Mousehole on 20th December 2013 I was on the rocky beach seeing if there were any birds to be photographed, when to my surprise and privilege  I saw an Otter in the distance with a large fish. It was around 3.30 and the light wasn’t brilliant,  to my amazement the Otter came nearer, i stayed glued to the spot rather than scare it off completely. Eventually it came onto the rocks nearby, and then disappeared into the rocks to eat it’s catch. The pictures below show the story .

Picture of Otter at Mousehole

 otter 1 800x600

Otter at Mousehole

Picture of otter

 Otter at Mousehole

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